Bilingual theater

English French

Bilingual theater workshops -   English French

Adults, teenagers, children


  •   Learn English and French through speech, body language and role repetition   

  • Develop imagination and promote personal expression through improvisations

  • Awaken creativity to tell and invent many stories ...


An innovative and benevolent approach to improve our behavior and communicate effectively.


Learn to talk assertively: breath, listen, apply!    

Training also offered for French as a foreign language


for workshops in Houilles

Want to join us ?

Registration is easy!

Download the form and return it signed with the payment so you can secure your place. Checks will only be cashed at the end of September. (you can pay in several installments without charge)


If you are interested but prefer to wait until September

Download and return the signed form with the wishes then finalize the registration to the associations forum
on SEPTEMBER the 4th at Parc Charles de Gaulle in Houilles

Be careful, the courses fill up quickly!

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