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Our story

"Mille et une Scènes" is an association whose objective is to bring together artists from anywhere around theatrical language, as a contemporary mirror of our traditions, our memories, our languages, our dreams...


"Mille et une Scènes" creates, produces and distributes professional and amateur shows for all audiences.


The artists of "Mille et une Scènes" use theatrical language as an educational tool to lead multidisciplinary theater workshops, bilingual theater workshops, multilingual internships, international internships, professional training and individual support .


Irène Golovine, leading theater pedagogue and artist, has been playing and directing professional shows for 20 years. Winner in 2003 for the creation of a company, she continues her work by offering bilingual English/French workshops and training.


Her twenty years of experience in teaching, directing and playing, strongly inspired her to imagine the ToBeLinguism educational method based on voices and languages, whose purpose is to promote bilingualism, tolerance and awareness.


The Mille et une Scènes association develops on line educational material and training methods.

We are in the press !

Why use exercises in your classroom?

Download and try our 3 free exercises with your students!

Watch some exercises filmed with my students 

Hear testimonials from college students

The book "the magic chair" by Irene Golovin is written, 
now finding your publisher is the next step!

In this book, you will find a turnkey method based on theater for teaching a foreign language. 

By devoting one hour a week twenty times with a group, you will renew your pedagogy, you will transform the climate of your lessons, you will learn to be a director who knows how to bring the other to the best of yourself._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

You are already a pedagogue who leads his class, let yourself be inspired by a theatrical methodology.
You will be able to draw ideas from it, establish a climate of respect and benevolence between your students.

We are all storytellers and we love stories!

By following my method you will take your students on a theatrical adventure that will give a great boost to improvements of all kinds.

You will be surprised!

It is by practicing that you will discover the potential of the exercises. Trust yourself!

We are all the directors of our lives and we often get used to assigning ourselves the same role. What if we had fun changing!

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