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Theatre courses :Adults, Children and Professionals,

Theater can replace individual stories into the collective dimension. Because it helps
understand internalized and blocked situations.


It's not about bringing
a message or find
THE good solution,
but to experiment on stage
alternative solutions.


The theatrical language is natural to humans. Each of us can transform his/her behaviour, becoming the author of his/her own life, in imagination or in real life.

Train yourself speak English! 


For companies

We come to your structure and offer
An internship to give the opportunity to improve their communication in English to your audience.

educational goals

  • Identify the difficulties of oral expression and the professional needs of each and design a personalized course.

  • Create conditions for fruitful collaboration between participants.

  • Acquire the ability to express oneself in a foreign language. English or French.

Targeted skills

  • Develop your English language skills.

  • Acquire communication skills in a foreign language.

  • Mastering and understanding your emotions when taking
    of speech.

Practical modality

  • Collective course between 8 to 12 people.

  • Tailor-made duration: 24 hours in 10 modules.

  • Individual appointment for an imminent speech.

The Complaints and Serendipity Office

For professionals (companies, schools, universities, etc.)

Creation, writing and meetings with entertainment professionals. Participatory theatrical device to facilitate learning, oral expression and cohesion. 


We start from the principle that it is necessary to cross experiences on several scales and multiply the sources of inspiration. Thus, we can put multilingual theater at the service of local cultural and educational actions that encourage transitions towards a more open, inclusive society, respectful of the environment and based on the values of solidarity and sharing.


educational goals

  • Put participants in a situation of listening and availability 

  • Improve dialogue, promote awareness and debate 

  • Develop oral expression, posture, confidence 

  • Work on a program by putting it into play: make the field studied  concrete and attractive by illustrating it from different points of view, situations, periods...

Targeted skills

  • Develop concentration, memory and group cohesion.

  • Acquire skills to communicate clearly.

  • Control and understand your emotions when speaking.

  • Find your creativity.

  • Open to solutions.


In the Complaints Office, participants are immersed in the world of professional performing arts. Here they will be actors, writers, cameramen as if for real. 


  • The work can be organized in 1 month in the form of an internship and weekly rehearsals or in a longer period in the form of weekly rehearsal workshops. 

  • Group of around 15 people, 

  • Each rehearsal is led by a minimum of 2 professional actors in the show

  • About 30 hours of rehearsaltitles up to representation 

  • A teaser of the show will be returned to you 


On-stage transition

All audiences - Free price - registration required.

Give visibility to your initiatives / Create links / Improve our professional and/or individual daily lives.

November 19 and 20 in Houilles - Salle René Cassin

Free admission


These days are part of our Erasmus project for the exchange of professional practices in the adult education sector, Transitions en scène (in short, TRANS.IT!). Animated by our consortium of European artists


We are happy to have Le Figuier, the Houilles Solidarity Grocery, with us.

We are expecting many of you and don't hesitate to spread the info.


Saturday, November 19, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.:  master class

3 groups of 15 people maximum are invited in a theatrical journey with professionals

3 grams

  • Explore   theatrical techniques and look together for solutions to

transform situations

  • discover how these techniques generate attention, stimulate creativity

and encourage kindness.

  • Pretend for real and experience other perspectives

Sunday, November 20, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Open to the public

  • Restitution in the form of debate or mini scenes, workshops of the day before, answers to questions,

  • Mini conferences by professionals to awaken us to the functional mechanisms involved in these exercises

  • Stages open to artists and associations.


Registrations are openwhether you are potential partners, professionals, educators, animators, artists, retirees, young people, we invite you  to register and meet us.

They trusted us ...


I'm very happy for my decision to join the theater class. The activities refreshed my mind and I could indulge myself with all kinds of emotions that we can't let out in our daily life. I learnt new things, I met fascinating people and at the same time, I'm in a kind of theater class, enjoying myself.


Nursery coordinator

Just in one word: I wanted to learn english, but not in a "scholar" way!

Then, I found this solution: to ally fun and work, in attending the "Théâtre English" courses.

I found there opportunities to speak, to learn and to share with other people.



The bilingual theater workshop directed by Irène Golovine was for me a very pleasant way of improving my english. Moreover, each week, a breathing space!

One learns english by having fun, with games, improvisation or through theater plays. All this punctuated with relaxing moments, exchanges with people of different levels and coming from all horizons.

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