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Shows from the past 5 years...

The shows are back in theaters

Show “What if? »

What if we chose to behave differently?

Compilation of excerpts: A king with donkey ears,  boohof Mike Kenny and the Feud series. Three stories that led us to collectively create a theater day at the Triplex hall in Houilles on June 4th.



"The Journey of Possibilities"

You can see here the video where we made a short film, "the journey of possibilities" with children put in a situation of construction of a small film.

Zoom Public Readings

These years were hectic and gave birth to several public readings where each group participated. It was a rich experience that required creativity and a lot of humour. 

It was a real pleasure to share such creativity and so much laughter with the actors!

  •   With Adults and adolescents: we created our first complaints office: improvisation and writing in English.  

  • The little ones: we took turns reading and telling stories! The children could not read but many of them know more than one book!



Short film “The Wallet”

We made a film with the group of teenagers around money. Improvisations, writing, cutting and editing!
We are proud of the result!

Our older shows still...

Restitution shows from the Small "Thousand and One Scenes" workshops:

Pandora's box - Piece by Melanie Christensen.

A big thing in the middle of the public garden.

Curious children are interested in it... What could it be?

The 2015 Wizard's Olympics - Play by Melanie Christensen.

Tonight we are happy to present to you the Wizarding Olympics.

Come and discover our best wizard! A prank organized by the children...

Restitution evening "Ten months of school
and Opera":

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" (15 min extract), Shakespeare revisited...

This show is the result of the work of the students of Chanteloup les Vignes, directed by Irène Golovine, developed thanks to the investment of the teaching team, the teachers of the college and the artistic team of the Opéra Garnier.

Restitution shows of the Teens & Adults "Thousand and One Scenes" workshops:


Boo! - Play by Mike Kenny - Adaptation by Irène Golovine.

Boo and Belle, suffering from a form of autism, live with their sister Benny who forbids them to leave the house. Children, intrigued by their strange neighbors and to escape the boredom of the summer holidays, decide to go knock on the door. Their curiosity is all the greater since a rumor has been circulating in the neighborhood since the disappearance of little Kelly Spanner.

A question of sex - Play in 1 act by Arnold Bennett.

A farce written in 1900 where it is a question of money, gender and a prioris... An old debate still relevant, which highlights characters from all places and all times in this particular moment that is the birth of a child.

Allright in the night - Play in 1 act by Robin Wilson

The play tells the rehearsal of the latest production by a small theater group from a sleepy village in the English countryside. While Fred, the caretaker prepares the scene,  the director gets ready to lead a troupe of unpredictable actors.

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